Rani Keki Adhikari and Rajja Nazir Hussien. Bhuwan KC got his cheeks pinched by Rekha Thapa

A new movie ‘Rajja Rani’ was announced at the time of Valentine Day week. In the event organized to announce the new movie, Keki Adhikari and Nazir Hussien shared rose and heart shaped ballon. In the movie, Keki and Nazir are going to be featured as the youths of Terai region. Watch the video report

The announcement ceremony was held in Kathmandu on February 12, 2017. With Keki and Nazir Kameshowr Chaurasiya and Laxmi Bardewa will also be featured in main role in the movie.

The shooting of the movie is scheduled to start on Falgun 5 and the movie is going to be directed by Yam Thapa. Thapa has also written the script of the movie.


In addition to the display of love between Keki Adhikari and Najir Hussien, two senior artists also showed off their affection towards each other. Actress Rekha Thapa’s affection toward actor Bhuwan KC was something unusual. Rekha was showing unusual behaviour towards KC in the public event. Some of the notable gestures of the two were:

  • After Rekha and Bhuwan KC shake hands, Rekha pinched Bhuwan KC’s left cheeks.
  • Bhuwan KC held Rekha Thapa cautiously pulled towards him by his right hand. While he was holding Rekha by right hand, his left hand was holding producer Pradeep Uday.
  • For the second time, Rekha held Bhuwan KC’s face by her right hand.

Bhuwan KC is considered a playboy in the Nepali movie industry. Twice married and divorced both times, Bhuwan is known to have been in and out of affairs at times. Currently he is rumoured to be living with actress Jiya KC. Jiya was also named the line producer of Bhuwan’s director debut movie ‘Dreams’.

Like Bhuwan, Rekha is also a divorcee. She had divorced her husband of a decade, Chhabi Raj Ojha, a while ago. They formally divorced last year.

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